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Out Door Wood Installation

At instalation one must take care that support points (under construction) are not further than 50 cm apart. At least

6 – 7 mm distance between single decking boards must be kept. Screwing must be done exclusively with fixation material made of stainless steel. Other metal materials may cause dark spots on the wood in exterior application. Screwing must always involve pre – drilling of a hole that is 1 mm bigger in a diameter than the screw (for example a

4,0 x 40 mm screw requires a 5,0 mm bore hole). The screw head’s conus must be counter – bored as well. Fixation

systems must allow the wood some sort of „working“ or „moving“ after installation. Don’t forget, thermally modified wood also has a tendency of shrinking and swelling, lenghtwise and in width.

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